Topology is one of the fundamental on create 3D modelling.
Topology itself, is the layout of a model.
It will elaborate how the vertices and edges are placed to create the mesh surface.
Good topology is essential if you want fast framerates and good deformation.
Bad topology will tend to create rendering problems.

We know, mastering good topology takes time to learn, but it doesn’t mean impossible.

If you want to create model for game asset, it should be optimized on silhouette, minimize extreme changes of vertex normals for good shading result, allow good UV seams, and also define edge loops for better deformation.
It can be started with base mesh and then you can collapse edge loops or cut/add new edges or remove/add detail as necessary as the sketch.

In ZBrush, you can use quads as much as possible, to avoid pinching while you sculpt.
If you’re modelling for a low poly game ready mesh, you can use triangles.
Proper edge loops are crucial, if you’re making a subdivision surface model. Subdivision tends to highlight every deficiency in your technique.
Whichever that suits you, just do it.
You can re-toplogize from scratch again anyway.

Next, we will show you the video how to topologizing for game asset.


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